Catalog Listing Terms and Conditions

Last update: 12/11/2019

The document herein contains the Terms and Conditions that govern Catalog Listings on the website (hereinafter the "Website") and integrates the General Terms and Conditions of Mercado Libreo Libre.

Any person who does not accept the General Terms and Conditions of Mercado Libre, as well as all annexes thereto, including these Terms and Conditions, which are mandatory and binding, must refrain from using the Website.

Catalog is a Mercado Libre tool, which allows selling users of the same product to compete with each other and to stand out as the best offer of that product on the Website.

To participate, Selling Users must list products that have Mercado Envíos Full.

Mercado Libre will highlight on the Website the listing of the Selling User that represents the best offer of each product, taking into account certain objective parameters that reasonably allow us to infer that it represents the best shopping experience, regarding conditions such as price, installments and shipping, for the benefit of the Buying Users.

Selling Users will be able to see in their Mercado Libre account if their Catalog Listings have been highlighted as the best product offer on the Website, or to receive information about the sales conditions, reputation or price that they can improve to increase their possibilities of being the best offer for each product.

Additionally, in order to get  the highlight, it is required that the Selling Users have a sales history, a behavior consistent with the General Terms and Conditions of the Website and a yellow or green color reputation. Those users who list products with deferred stock will not be able to get a prominent position, if another Selling User offers the same product with stock available. Those users with a yellow color reputation cannot get it if another user with a better reputation lists the same product.

The compliance with the requirements to participate and/or with the parameters that are used by Mercado Libre may change at any time, at the discretion of Mercado Libre and with no prior notice. Participation in the Catalog will not imply any guarantee nor promise on the part of Mercado Libre to obtain the distinction as the best offer of the product on the Website, likewise, this will not imply any approval by Mercado Libre on the sale conditions nor on the characteristics of the product offered by the Selling User.

The Catalog will not be available in all categories or for all products listed on the Website. Mercado Libre reserves the right to activate and/or deactivate the Catalog of all categories and/or products offered on the Website at any time and with no prior notice.


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